Forget the rules, write your own

In a fitting and highly exciting transition from last weeks post, this week we got to speak to the ‘accidental blogging queen’. The fabulous and highly admirable winner of this years QLD Telstra Business Awards and CEO of Styling You, Ms. Nikki Parkinson.


This week was most definately all about the #girlbosses and the fast moving industry that is dominated by some powerful leading ladies.

In fact… some of these ladies have gathered such a large following that they now feature in there own reality TV show. Yes, you heard correctly…

Inspired is and will continue to be an understatement.

But before we get caught up in the crazy exciting advice received by former Journalist turned blogger, Nikki. I thought we could delve deeper into what has really brought us to this somewhat controversial discussion of Journalism versus blogging.

Natalie Sutton, Fairfaxes Audience Development Manager of Health and Life Media really placed this into perspective for me. She said, “if you look back five years ago, Instagram had just launched and news organisations very rarely paid attention to social media”.

In fact, Natalie who is now Fairfaxes Social Media guru started work in a newsroom writing social media posts and said she found it difficult to explain to editors why these little babies were just so important. This was only five years ago.

Natalie illustrated this astonishing point further with the story about the Hudson Bay plane crash. This story broke on Twitter… but the audience waited for the news organisations to confirm. Today, despite the best efforts of the news organisations it is predominantly every big story that is breaking on Twitter and various other social media channels, with a few exceptions. Read more about Twitters first breaking news story here.

So here we are, 5 years on and the on-set of blogging/ citizen journalism is now 110% upon us, having the potential to create revenue and position itself within big-business.

Today’s Journalists now have the unique skills and expertise to set themselves apart in the blogosphere. The blogging versus Journalism debacle has become something Journalist’s and future Journalists can be excited about. Blogging is no longer just a hobby, it is most definitely a trusted industry.

Take one of my idols, World of Wanderlust‘s, Brooke Saward for an example. Brooke is a small town Tasmanian girl who funds full time travel around the world through her insanely innovative travel blog. A blog, that just like Nikki’s accidentally gathered a large following and is now a world renowned leader in the blogosphere.


So, after all of this blog chat. I guess the biggest question is how did these ladies do it and how do I do it to? Well… after reading tiresome e-books on the topic, Nikki’s advice is some of the best I have heard.

She said that in order to climb the blogosphere ladder there is four key things an ameteur must strive to achieve, these include:

  1. finding a niche
  2. finding a voice
  3. being consistent – “My readers know that when they’re on their way to work or having their morning coffee, they can read my post”
  4. and being persistent

The growth of the media industry that has allowed blogging to become a career option is nothing short of exciting and this growth is only set to continue. It’s now or never, bloggers.


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