The uprising of ‘octo-journo’

Here I am, three years into my Journalism degree when I hear the words “Journalism is basically 99% enthusiasm and 1% talent”. Wonderful I thought to myself… but then again, maybe it is?

In this day and age Journalism is not for the light hearted. On top of the tragedy we’re inclined to deal with on a daily basis, comes the deadlines… deadlines that are now dictated by the readers, as Brisbane Time’s Political Editor and live blogging extraordinaire, Amy Rameikis.

When a Journalist has the drive to tell a story and the commitment to make it happen no matter what, then there’s little left standing in their way. Talent is important, but how will that talent be exercised if theres no enthusiasm to back it up. Amy’s powers at be told us to stay nosy and stay keen… everything else is history.

As well as our eagerness, Amy told us that we also need to be, well, cold and calculating is one way to put it. Now, more than ever before we need to be aware of the time our readers are reading and use that to our full and complete advantage. If we don’t, then another Journo will. It’s just that cut-throat.

Amy gave us her top-tips for connecting with today’s digital-savvy readers, which basically form the basis of a strict schedule. These peak posting times include: 7AM – 9AM (to catch the pre-work commuters/time wasters/ early morning instagram-stalkers), the 10:30AM coffee breakers/ procrastinators and lets not forget the peak hour readers – the ones who are cooking dinner, cleaning up, bathing their kids, watching the news on their TV and all the while reading our articles. Yes, that is what we have to deal with.

Amy is basically the living, breathing proof that this glorious fun I speak of is possible and it works. Her crazy days of filing copy at a press conferences, live blogging while the parliament try to make fetch happen and working out of her car might seem just that little bit insane but her popularity with her readers, well, it speaks for itself.

Check out one of Brisbane Time’s crazy hilarious live blogs, written within question time. Yes, I just used crazy hilarious and question time in the one sentence. Amy is a god.


Although the industries new age demand may seem like somewhat of a circus act and the nature of news has become so fast paced that even the readers can’t keep up. It is now, more than ever before that Journalists need to implement and utilise their skills to their full potential and satisfy the needs of the hungry readers. As I learnt this week, being able to write fast and accurately is quite the balancing act but it’s necessary, especially for the writer who wants to win the race and keep their reader’s trust.

Amy emphasised a point that I feel, many Journalists really overlook, accuracy. While that rush to break a story first may be amazing, breaking that story first but with the incorrect facts may be less-so, especially when readers start to loose trust. It’s just not worth it.

While deadlines seem to be rapidly multiplying and readers have become more demanding, pushy, obnoxious and slightly terrifying. Now, more than ever is the time for Journalism to thrive, to use today’s technology to bring news to readers in a way that they’ve never received it before.

So while it may feel as though we’re all going to be dancing around like circus monkeys trying to do 50 things at once, the truth is… that’s exactly what we’ll be doing and we’ll love it.

Amy concurs that Journalism is not dying, it is in fact simply becoming a new realm full of endless opportunity.


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