It’s all about the data

“The emphasis on data in journalism is not really new it is the technologies and abundance of that data which is creating opportunities,” says George Wright – Fairfax’s lead in Intelligent Systems.

Today we have an unlimited capacity to be innovative with the way we tell stories using data. We have tools galore and the most advanced data capabilities to date but are we using them to our full capacity?

ABC Journalist, Kellie Roirdan suggested some of the tools that we have as future Journalists should take advantage of in order to be ahead of the game. These include: Pipl, Topsy, Geofeedia and TinEye just to name a few.

Other tools we have at our disposal (surprisingly) is the metadata from our cell phones that tracks our every move. See below the story from ABC Journalist, Will Ockenden as he delves deeper into the tiny device that many of us can’t live without to see how it is recording our entire lives.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 7.47.19 pm

Here’s a snippet of the information existing within the article that I found most intriguing:

What does the phone know?

  • Who you call and text
  • How long each phone call lasted
  • The time of the communication
  • The location of the cell tower contacted when outgoing calls were initiated
  • The location of the cell tower contacted for SMS and internet connection

Data has always been an important tool for Journalists but with audiences becoming more and more educated so must we. The tools at our disposal will only continue to become more advanced and it is absolutely crucial we take full advantage. 


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