Through the looking glass: how it all came together

You may have just read the story that I created for #QUTOJ1. If you haven’t, click here.

This story was created via the use of many innovative online journalism tools and techniques which lead to the story of the QLD Taxi industries fight for regulation around Uber to be expressed in a detailed and engaging way.

The first technique that was used was that of Crowd Sourcing. Although many statistics exist surrounding this debate, I wanted to allow the people who will ultimately become the audience of this story have their say as to how they feel about the ride sharing company. In order to successfully do this, I used the Survey Monkey tool.


The Survey Monkey tool allowed me to create a dynamic survey where I could easily gather these results. I shared it via social media channels in order to get more of a response and I ended up receiving a well rounded set of data from people ages 17-55 both male and female.

This brings me to my second technique of data journalism, I took the data gathered from my survey and placed it into a diagram which in turn allowed it to be better visually represented and understood. In order to do this I used the tool – a free data creation tool found online.


This tool allowed me to input my data into various graphs in order to create a dynamic representation of my results. Here is an example of the data featured within the story:

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 6.32.10 pm

As well as the data displayed via the use of, the main blogging tool that I chose to publish my story with also gave me the power to utilise and embed various data journalism tools. This tool is called Atavist.


I took a gamble using Atavist instead of publishing this story on my WordPress blog and it seemed to work in my favour. I found Atavist to be a marvellous tool that allows you to easily embed multimedia into your blog post without requiring plug-ins.

In my story, I chose to embed tweets, pictures, a slide show, a button for further information and a interactive map of where in the world Uber is currently illegal. Here is an example of the map that Atavist allowed me to create:

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 9.30.03 pm

Collaboratively, these tools used collectively allowed me to create a dynamic and interactive online story that has the multi-modal features of a online news outlet.


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