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Phillip Johnson: a Harvard Graduate of the School of Design, the founding director of MoMA’s Department of Architecture and an absolute inspiration for all creatives around the world.

“All architecture is shelter, all great architecture is the design of space that contains, cuddles, exalts, or stimulates the persons in that space.”

I think this quote by Phillip deeply exemplifies my feeling towards my creative practice. Writing is shelter, great writing contains, cuddles and stimulates the audience into being one with it and deeply understanding it  on a level that allows them to feel.

Phillips greatest work, ‘The Glasshouse‘ in New Canaan, Connecticut is in my eyes what it truly means to dedicate your entire being to the creative culture. His property featuring his various works of art is an eye-opening experience for any up and coming creative.

brickhouse and glasshouse contrast

glasshouse edited

Inspired by his travels in particular, Phillip has subtly crafted his works of art with features of various pieces of culture from around the globe.

As a a creative who is also currently travelling, this realisation truly resonated with me. Much of the reason of why I decided to expand my horizons and go on this trip of a lifetime is in order to begin intertwining global values and norms into my work.

Alike Phillip and the pieces within his property which channel art from Egypt, Rome and beyond. I hope to ensure my writing is well informed and challenges the status quo of wherever I am based within my future to see, feel and understand differently then they normally would – alike Phillips main goal with his Glasshouse construction.

As well as Phillips love of travel and the inspiration for his work that he gathered from this. Phillip also reinforced the absolute necessity in collaborating with other artists in order to grow as not only an artist but a person.

The ideals Phillip held so dear – reinforced by the beauty of the work that he produced truly gives me a sense of what it means to be an educated artist in contemporary times.


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    What a joy to find such clear thnigink. Thanks for posting!

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