Finding a muse among the creative chaos

People draw inspiration from many different places. Some draw it purely from their own life experiences, their family, their friends or someone else who has moved a mountain in order to get what they want.

For me, I used to draw inspiration purely from other prestigious Journalists who were now working in the field I wanted to be in post graduation. Before this tour I have never considered that inspiration was all around me.

An example of this was the inspiration I gathered from our tour at the FIT Museum. The exhibit was based around the prestigious Susanne Bartsch. She was a fashionista extraordinaire, an icon of New York City street style and with the use of her savvy businesswoman nature brought together some of the biggest names in the fashion industry.


This struck a chord with me, as prior to coming to the FIT I just assumed that I would be in for an experience alike the other museums I had been at. Instead I learnt about her life and what made her so successful within the fashion industry.

While I am in a different industry I could resonate with the ideals that she held so dear, the ideals that made her so successful.

In corroboration with this we also heard from former QUT Alumni Elliott Whitton. While he is in the film industry, his discussion made me consider what it would be like to bring my work here to New York or beyond.

His humble yet confident nature which allowed him to work around the world post graduation is something very inspirational to me. I have always been the type of person to remain within my own “safe haven” but his story is a reinforcement that no matter where you go in the world, if you have the will power to follow your dreams, it is definitely possible.



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