Fiji: a holiday destination or a home away from home?

We all know of the heartache the beautiful people of Fiji have just endured in the wake of Cyclone Winston. So, I wanted to bring everyone back to what holidaying in Fiji is all about and share with you my trip to Fiji in 2014. To put it simply, it was nothing short of amazing…


Anyone who has ever travelled to Fiji knows a week in this spectacular country feels less like a holiday and more like a home away from home.

If it’s not the beautiful locals greeting you and ensuring every part of your stay is perfect, it’s probably the spectacular sunsets.

Staying in the midst of the tranquil Coral Coast we were in the perfect spot to experience everything that Fiji has to offer.

The Fiji Hideaway Resort and Spa bids a luxurious escape that doesn’t shy away from the cultural experience that tourists know and love.

The drive to the resort passes through numerous villages that display a way of life very different to our own. Resort guests may visit the local primary school, which I can easily say was a highlight of our holiday.

The activity list is extensive with adventure and relaxation to suit any age group.

The scenic Mamanuca islands are nearby.  We set off by boat to enjoy the snorkelling but when we arrived, we were surprises with much more. A gourmet Fijian style lunch on a secluded island surrounded by crystal clear water which boasted the most beautiful coral reef that I had ever seen – perfection is an understatement.

If relaxation is what you require but your sense of adventure also needs to be satisfied, the Fijian Islands is your go to destination.

On returning home you’ll even feel home sick with a beautiful sadness from leaving the most kind hearted people and tranquil place that you may ever come across.

Fiji is an experience like no other and nothing substitutes experience.

Five tips and tricks for a carefree holiday on ‘Fiji time’–

  1. Stop trying to connect to the Wifi – It’s hard not being able to make everyone on your friends list jealous but wait. Soak up every last second without distraction!
  2. Don’t forget your reef shoes! They weren’t kidding when they called it the coral coast.
  3. Take the primary school kids your ‘hammy downs’, big or small: their faces lighting up is unforgettable.
  4. Apply sunblock always! Doing anything with sunburn is very uncomfortable and mountain climbing is the worst.
  5. Step outside your comfort zone. Do something you feel uncomfortable about doing you won’t regret it!



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