Vegemite queen shares artistic secrets

This story was originally published by the Sunshine Coast Daily.

IT’S THE salty and typically “Australian” spread many enjoy on their toast.

But for Julie Gould, of Beerwah, the gooey goodness is better used to create artistic masterpieces.

It all began when a former art teacher asked her and her peers to “think outside the box” and use something that was not made for artists to create their work.

Ms Gould has since embraced the way of life for her art, which boasts brilliance in every use of the word.

“Just go with it, if you want to experiment with anything,” she said.

“It’s really good to think outside the box.

“In medieval times all they had was berries.”

Ms Gould said Vegemite was relatively easy to paint with compared to more traditional methods.

“If you ask any artist who works in acrylic and watercolour, if they make a mistake it’s there for good,” she said.

“With Vegemite you just get wet wipes and wipe it off.”

Ms Gould laughed at the fact she almost feels as though she’s cheating.

“That’s the best thing about the medium, I think,” she said.

The part-time artist, qualified driver trainer and licensed real estate agent said she had always had an affinity for art.

“When I was as young, I can remember teachers had all my art around the room,” she said.

“It’s always come easy to me.

“I’ve never really understood why people can’t do it.

“It’s like baking a cake, it has a recipe.”

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